Recreus Filaflex SEBS 1.75mm
Recreus Filaflex SEBS 1.75mm


Recreus Filaflex SEBS 1.75mm

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Pickup available at Gageldijk 2, Unit B2 Usually ready in 2 hours

Recreus Filaflex SEBS 1.75mm

Black / 600g

Gageldijk 2, Unit B2

Pickup available, usually ready in 2 hours

Gageldijk 2
Unit B2
3602 AL Maarssen


Filaflex SEBS is a strong and durable TPE rubber based material that can flex and bend back to its original shape and resist impact and fatigue. This technical material is ideal for all industrial applications. It can be used for outdoor applications and/or applications that need to resist high temperatures, UV rays or rain, thanks to its waterproof properties and its resistance to chemical and oxidising agents. In addition, its water-repellent properties make it an ideal filament for 3D printing in high humidity environments. When printing, it doesn't leave any threads and you get a high quality final piece in which it is incredibly easy to remove the supports.


Filaflex SEBS is a perfect technical filament for industry and an alternative to PVC thanks to its outstanding properties. It is ideal for parts that need to absorb vibrations and/or retain their elastic properties even when exposed to high temperatures. It is also ideal for printing outdoor parts exposed to the elements, such as for example:

    • Seals and gaskets for industrial machinery, household appliances, food containers, etc.
    • Footwear, rubber goods and toys.
    • Industrial items (belts and straps, anti-vibration mounts, protectors, bottles and containers, anti-slip systems, glass encapsulation).
    • Sporting goods (such as masks, watertight seals or fins for diving and pole grips for skiing, pedals).
    • Accessories for car interiors (holders, soft-touch finishes, waterproof seals, protectors, floor mats, etc.).
    • Protectors, grips or linings for control units, mobile devices, ice cube trays, caps, decanters, etc.


    • Printing temperature: 240-260°C.
    • Print speed: 20-40 mm/s.
    • Layer height: 0,25-0,35 mm.
    • Bed temperature: 50-60°C.
    • Retraction speed: 40-60 mm/s at a distance of 2-3 mm.
    • Layer fan: 0-20% (0% recommended for better adhesion).
    • Flow: 100% (increase the width of the first layer by 5-10% to improve adhesion).
    • Shore hardness: 90A.

It is important that the first layer is well fixed to the table, for this we recommend setting a BRIM of 10-20 lines. For small pieces you can use lacquer or adhesive tape.

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