Recreus Filaflex Family Pack 1.75mm


Recreus Filaflex Family Pack 1.75mm

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Pickup available at Gageldijk 2, Unit B2 Usually ready in 2 hours

Recreus Filaflex Family Pack 1.75mm

Monotone / 200g

Gageldijk 2, Unit B2

Pickup available, usually ready in 2 hours

Gageldijk 2
Unit B2
3602 AL Maarssen


Filaflex Family Pack' contains 4 samples of 50 grams each of the 4 Shore hardness of the brand of our Filaflex elastic filament:

    • Filaflex 60A in white (50 gr.)
    • Filaflex 70A in transparent colour (50 gr.)
    • Filaflex 82A in grey colour (50 gr.)
    • Filaflex 95A in black (50 gr.)

With this pack, you can test all the hardness's of the Filaflex family and find out which one best suit your project or application. And all this without having to purchase different larger size coils or different hardness's.

This is the perfect pack for testing the performance of each filament in the Filaflex range and quickly comparing the mechanical properties of each one. In this way, you can test all types of Shore hardness of the Filaflex brand on your 3D printer and check its elasticity easily and economically.

The filaments of the Filaflex range have great print bed adhesion, so they don't need a heated bed, blue tape, Kapton tape, lacquer or any other spray adhesive. What's more, they are odourless and resistant to solvents, acetone and fuel. Its printing requires different guidelines to rigid filaments. That's why the 3D printer needs to be properly configured.


Filaflex is non-toxic and can be in contact with the skin. Consult for medical or food use. It can be used to create pieces that require high elasticity such as:

    • Insoles: orthopaedic insoles.
    • Prosthesis and organ models: prosthetic arms, hands, organs for simulation of surgical operations.
    • Flexible objects and parts for industry, automotive: buffers, gaskets, tires, grippers.
    • Textile parts and accessories: textile garments, fabrics, printing on garments, bags, earrings.
    • Footwear: soles, shoes, sandals, slippers.


Consult the TDS sheets below for the corresponding printing parameters for each Filaflex filament.

Shore hardness:

    • 60A
    • 70A
    • 82A
    • 95A

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