E3D Roto Prusa MK3 Edition
E3D Roto Prusa MK3 Edition
E3D Roto Prusa MK3 Edition


E3D Roto Prusa MK3 Edition

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Pickup available at Gageldijk 2, Unit B2 Usually ready in 2 hours

E3D Roto Prusa MK3 Edition

Gageldijk 2, Unit B2

Pickup available, usually ready in 2 hours

Gageldijk 2
Unit B2
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Key features:

  • Compatible with Prusa MK3
  • Mass: 146
  • Extrusion force: 70N+
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Recommended motor current: 0.45A PEAK
  • Gear ratio: 11.262:1
  • Operational temp rating: 40°C

Please note, this kit is designed specifically for use with a Prusa MK3. If you're planning to install Roto on a different 3D printer then please use this link.

Roto is the extruder that Revo deserves. It carefully balances weight (140g) and force (70N+) to provide the lightest, most power-dense 3D printing extruder on the market.

Lightweight yet full of force:

The roto gearbox consists of a planetary initial stage followed by a spur secondary stage with a dual hobb third stage. To put it concisely, this results in enough extrusion force to fully utilise our Revo High Flow nozzles' maximum volumetric flow rates while providing a favourable motor stall (rather than filament grind) failure mode.

Maintenance minded:

Ease of use was a major consideration in the design of Roto. To access the hobbs all you need to do is remove three bolts to remove the heatsink and filament path whilst leaving the body of your extruder mounted in situ.

We have also revamped the filament tensioning system, providing a simple bi-stable mechanism that either provides the optimal tension or completely releases the tension to help with filament loading and cold pulls. This means you can change the nozzle and release the filament with one hand.

Cool Design:

Roto features a first of its kind 3D printed metal heatsink. SLM 3D printing gave us unparalleled design freedom, which means beyond the obvious cool factor of using this technology, the design has been highly optimised. The heatsink prevents heat creep by reducing heat build-up via conduction and directs air through the air-break to disrupt the radiating heat from the HotSide, resulting in the most thermally effective heatsink we have ever produced.

Standard… or smart:

Roto's evolution doesn't stop at the base performance characteristics you're used to. Why not add the MK3 Roto Filament sensor to your printer to implement peace of mind within your workflow with remote monitoring and quick, simple maintenance for the most hands-off 3D printing experience ever.

Want more juicy details? Visit E3D blog for a further deep dive into what makes Revo Roto the most power dense extruder on the market.

Pair with your perfect Hotside:

Pair your Roto Extruder with one of E3D's carefully curated Hotside packs to ensure your printing needs are met, straight out of the box. All Hotside packs come with your heating and sensing elements plus a variety of nozzles for you to start quick swapping with.

Select from the following options:

Starter - Ideal for users printing at standard speeds with PLA, PETG and ASA
High Flow - Perfect if you're looking to push your Prusa printer's print speed capabilities to the limit
High Flow X - All the benefits of the High Flow pack with the bonus of abrasive resistance for printing with fibre filled materials

Please note:  This kit does not include the Roto Filament Sensor as it is only compatible with the MK3S model and above. You can purchase it separately.

Kit includes:

  • 1 x Roto Extruder
  • 1 x Revo Motor with Prusa specific cable
  • 1 x 3 Wire Fan with Prusa specific cable
  • 1 x Prusa specific Heater Cable
  • 1 x Prusa specific Sensor Cable
  • 1 x Fan Duct
  • 1 x Front Bracket
  • 1 x Back Bracket
  • 1 x Fixings Kit
  • 1 x Bowden Tubing

Please note this kit does not include the Roto Filament Sensor as it is only compatible with the MK3S model and above. You can purchase it separately here.


Is E3D planning a Prusa Mini upgrade?

They currently have no plans for a Roto upgrade for the Prusa Mini. The reason is that you have to perform a non-reversible physical modification to the mainboard, which will void the warranty.

Does E3D have a firmware I can download for the Prusa Revo Upgrade kit?

They do not offer a full firmware file for the Revo Prusa Roto kit. They advise you to use the latest MK3 firmware that supports the Revo Heater Cores. These are labelled as E3D compatible on their GitHub pages. From there, there are steps outlined in the upgrade video that cover the necessary changes to make to your start code to ensure you don’t overpower the motor.

Please note that if you don’t change the start G-code, you can permanently damage your Roto motor.

Does this Prusa MK3 Roto kit work with the MK3.5?

This upgrade is not compatible with the MK3.5.