xTool F1 - Standalone
xTool F1 - Standalone
xTool F1 - Standalone
xTool F1 - Standalone
xTool F1 - Standalone
xTool F1 - Standalone
xTool F1 - Standalone
xTool F1 - Standalone
xTool F1 - Standalone
xTool F1 - Standalone
xTool F1 - Standalone
xTool F1 - Standalone


xTool F1 - Standalone

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Pickup available at Gageldijk 2, Unit B2 Usually ready in 2 hours

xTool F1 - Standalone

Gageldijk 2, Unit B2

Pickup available, usually ready in 2 hours

Gageldijk 2
Unit B2
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xTool F1 is the world's first laser engraver integrating a 2W 1064nm infrared laser with a 10W 455nm diode laser. It can engrave at a maximum speed of 4000mm/s, allowing you to finish a project in the blink of an eye.

The xTool F1 - Standalone includes: 

  • xTool F1-Mint Green
  • 1*Pipe
  • 1*Power adapter
  • 1*Power cable
  • 1*USB cable
  • 1*Triangular prism working panel
  • 1*L-shaped positioning piece
  • 1*Lint-free cloth
  • 1*Key(spare part)
  • 1*Grease
  • 1*Material pack
  • 1*User manual

For Engraving Right on the Spot:

With a small laser engraver as portable as xTool Fl, you can bring it to the fair, party or anywhere you want to go. Safe and speedy, xTool FI can perform engraving right in front of everyone, and generate no smoke or cause laser light harm. It will totally surprise people with its fast and precise engraving.

For Craft Fair/Flea Market Customization:

Use xTool F1 to engrave unique signs for your customers, adding special memory to  he merchandise. Customers can choose what they want to engrave on your device and  It can finish the engraving in seconds.

For DIY hobbyists:

Bring your crafting ideas into life in a blink of an eye. That's what you can do with xTool  F1. With its abilities to engrave photos and designs on paper cards or metal jewellery, xTool F1 is perfect for laser starters who love to create. The machine is preassembled, and smart to use. Easy to operate but powerful in functionalities.


  • Laser Power - 10W diode laser /  2W 1064nm infrared laser
  • Movement accuracy:0.00199mm/
  • Repeat positioning accuracy:0.000248mm
  • Up to working speed: 4000 mm/s
  • Preview speed: Rect - 12000 mm/s / Outline - 8000 mm/s
  • Input Voltage - 24V 5A
  • Connection Way - USB/Wi-Fi
  • Software - XCS / Lightburn
  • Support file - SVG / DXF / JPG / JPEG / PNG / BMP / TIF
  • Support systems: Android / iOS / iPad / Windows / macOS

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