xTool S1 40W Dark Deluxe Kit
xTool S1 40W Dark Deluxe Kit
xTool S1 40W Dark Deluxe Kit
xTool S1 40W Dark Deluxe Kit
xTool S1 40W Dark Deluxe Kit
xTool S1 40W Dark Deluxe Kit
xTool S1 40W Dark Deluxe Kit
xTool S1 40W Dark Deluxe Kit
xTool S1 40W Dark Deluxe Kit
xTool S1 40W Dark Deluxe Kit
xTool S1 40W Dark Deluxe Kit
xTool S1 40W Dark Deluxe Kit
xTool S1 40W Dark Deluxe Kit


xTool S1 40W Dark Deluxe Kit

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xTool S1 40W Dark Deluxe Kit

Gageldijk 2, Unit B2

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Gageldijk 2
Unit B2
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The xTool S1 40W Dark Deluxe Bundle includes: 

  • 1 xTool S1 40W
  • 1 Air Assist 2.0 AUTO
  • 1 Honeycomb Panel
  • 1 Riser Base
  • 1 RA2 Pro

xTool S1 Story:

xTool S1, the world's first 40W enclosed semiconductor laser cutting machine, challenges the existing technology.

Open semiconductor laser machines are cheaper, but as pursue higher wattage and speed, the increase in safety hazards has become a major issue in the industry.  Therefore, we aim to create a machine that is enclosed and complies with Class 1 laser safety.  Although the current enclosed machines have high safety, they are expensive and their performance and expandability are relatively limited.

xTool S1 is our answer to this industry conundrum.  It cleverly combines the advantages of both open and enclosed types, achieving high safety, powerful performance, intelligent operation, and excellent expandability. 

This is not just a technological innovation, but a revolutionary challenge to the entire industry.


Unprecedented safety in the semiconductor industry:

  • Enclosed & eye friendly.
  • Advanced dual-light (diode laser & IR laser) filtering eliminates the need for glasses.
  • Emergency stop design - easily touch to halt processing instantly.
  • Lid-open safety stop - opening the cover instantly halts operation to prevent laser leakage.
  • Enhanced 5-direction flame detection - features enhanced sensitivity and wider flame detection.

High power, high efficiency:

  • xTool S1 bed size - the xTool S1 boasts a spacious bed size measuring 608 x 385 mm). With a working area of 498 x 319 mm, it comfortably surpasses the dimensions of an A3 paper, catering to larger projects with ease.
  • xTool S1 Honeycomb Panel - neater & cleaner cutting results.
  • Upgraded structure for increased stability - the enhanced stability of our upgraded guide rail structure and 600mm/s high-speed movement unlock the full potential of the 40W high power laser, resulting in an impressive boost in efficiency.
  •  With advanced laser compression technology - eight 5.5W lasers are combined into 40W, realizing high power cutting efficiency comparable to CO2 machines.
  • One machine is versatile, satisfying your unlimited creativity - xTool can switch to1064nm laser head or 20W laser head at will, opening unlimited processing possibilities for you. Almost all common materials, from wood, leather, stainless steel to plastic, precious metals, acrylic, etc. can be easily handled to create perfect works. 

Revolutionary Tech – Smarter & Easier:

  • Twin-point Positioning, camera-like precision, simpler and more accurate – xTool uses novel encoders and algorithms to establish a precise absolute coordinate layout and display the laser modules position in real time in the software.
  • Autofocus system - All-scene intelligent focusing system.
  • Dynamic-focus engraving - Self-Adaptation for different plane engraving.
  • Super Expansion - Creativity is not limited:
  • xTool S1 Automatic Conveyor Feeder – an automated passthrough, length redefined (3000mm).
  • xTool RA2 PRO - Rotary engraving, that defies flat limits.
  • xTool S1 Riser Base - conquering different engraving thickness rising to 133.5mm


  •  xTool Creative Space - Empowered software for your seamless workflow.
  • Smart Air Assist - The air assist automatically adjusts the size of the air flow according to the processing status to achieve the best results, helping to process and create perfect results.
  • Efficient smoke exhaust system - The high-performance exhaust system, coupled with the exhaust fan, efficiently filters and expels smoke and dust generated during the machine's operation.
  • Clear air: purify as you create - Paired with an air purifier, it ensures a healthier workspace by effectively capturing and filtering airborne particles and fumes.
  • xTool S1 Fire Safety Set - World's first automatic fire safety set for fire detection and fire extinguishing.


  • Laser Power - 40W    
  • Working Area with Automatic Conveyor Feeder - 470 mm X 3000 mm (additional transmission rail is required)
  • Output Voltage - 25V 11A    
  • Connection Way - USB/Wi-Fi
  • Support XCS System - Phone: Android &iOS
  • Tablet - iPad
  • Computer - Windows 10 or above &macOS
  • Software - XCS / Lightburn
  • Support file - SVG / DXF / JPG / JPEG / PNG / BMP / TIF

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