Polymaker PolyFlex TPU-90A 1.75mm
Polymaker PolyFlex TPU-90A 1.75mm
Polymaker PolyFlex TPU-90A 1.75mm
Polymaker PolyFlex TPU-90A 1.75mm
Polymaker PolyFlex TPU-90A 1.75mm


Polymaker PolyFlex TPU-90A 1.75mm

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Polymaker PolyFlex TPU-90A 1.75mm

Black / 750g

Gageldijk 2, Unit B2

Pickup available, usually ready in 2 hours

Gageldijk 2
Unit B2
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PolyFlex™ TPU90, created from Covestro’s Addigy® TPU family offers the highest degree of flexability in the PolyFlex™ family. With a shore hardness of 90A and an elongation to break of 585% this flexible filament is extremely soft while still being printable. TPU90 is certified with ISO10993 allowing it to be used for medical and skin contact devices.


  1. Do you have any suggestions when printing TPU90 with support structure on single extruder printer?

Generally, when printing with TPU materials, if support structures are needed, we recommend using specialized support materials such as PolyDissolve™ S1. However, considering the single extruder devices that users may have, we suggest customers adjust the orientation of the model to minimize the use of support structures, or place support structures in inconspicuous areas that won't affect the appearance.

  1. Can my printer print PolyFlex™ TPU90?

We highly recommend using a direct drive printer to print PolyFlex™ TPU90. A direct drive printer is a printer with the extruder mounted on top of the hot end.

  1. What makes PolyFlex™ TPU90 unique?

PolyFlex™ TPU90 is easier to print than similar flexible material thanks to its high melt index.


  • Nozzle temperature – 210 - 230 (℃)
  • Build Surface material - BuildTak®, Glass, Blue Tape
  • Build surface treatment - PVA or PVP glue, Magigoo
  • Build plate temperature - 25 - 60 (˚C)
  • Cooling fan Turned - On
  • Printing speed - 30-60 (mm/s)
  • Raft separation distance - 0.2 (mm)
  • Retraction distance - 3 (mm)
  • Retraction speed - 40 (mm/s)
  • Environmental temperature - Room temperature - 60 (˚C)
  • Threshold overhang angle - 35 (˚)
  • Recommended support material - PolySupport™ and PolyDissolve™ S1

NOTE: Based on 0.4 mm nozzle and Simplify 3D v.4.0. Printing conditions may vary with different nozzle diameters.

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